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MCP has formed a strategic alliance with one of the countries leading digital technology firms.  As a "technology" partner to our clients, we focus on developing innovated, non-traditional marketing initiatives. Combined with advanced digital technologies resulting in an "interactive engaging experience" that connect's your target audience in a meaningful way with your brand.  


Chevy Sonic Claw Game

 Click on image to see the video. 

The classic "Claw Game" was recreated hundreds of times bigger and projected onto the 11 story Roosevelt Hotel.  A truly amazing, one of a kind  3-D interactive mapping game projected onto the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. The Idea was to recreate a classic claw game but hundreds of times larger, where participants were able to win different prizes, including a brand new Chevy Sonic car by maneuvering the worlds largest digital claw to pick up prizes!


The project included: 3D game development, digital art, motion graphics, hyper realistic graphics/animation, and the design/fabrication of a giant joystick.  


The joystick replicated the Chevy Sonic’s gear shifter, to make a powerful experiential connection with the participant!

3D Audience Hang Gliding Experience

This interactive experience promoted Brazil's beauty in a unique, fun, and uplifting way through a series of foreign events to promote Brazilian tourism. 


Brazil's well known landmarks were used as a key visual component.  This highly visual & interactive hang gliding game experience showed the region from high above, giving the participants a “birds eye view”.


To add to the experience, motion capture technology was utilized to allow for multiple participants to guide the hang glider through a series of hoops as the glider passed over stunning views.  The result:  happy faces and promises to visit Rio soon....Mission Accomplished !

Utilized Technologies:

Kinect Controllers • Motion • Virtual Reality • Infotainment • Customizable Photo & Video Activation • Prize Manager • Social Sharing • Face Tracking/Recognition • Multi-Touch • Consumer Data Capture 

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